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Install bankid test certificate

In order to test out BankID service you first need to install a Test BankID certificate from BankID.
Either a Mobile BankID or BankID on file works.

The Test BankID needs to be on the same device that you use to verify your BankID certificate in the step below!

WARNING: Installing a Test BankID will replace any previous BankID that you might have on your device.
Use a device dedicated for testing BankID.

How to issue a Test BankID

  1. Follow BankID:s guide to set up a BankID client for test
  2. Sign in with a production BankID and click on 'Issue BankID for Test'
  3. Chose to Issue a Mobile BankID or a BankID on file and then click 'Open BankID issuing' in the pop-up
  4. If asked to download the BankID client, click 'I have the most recent BankID application, proceed without installation'

When you have installed a BankID Test certificate you need to verify it in order to complete the registration and receive test keys.

Verify your Test BankID certificate

Please, fill in contact details below and click Verify my BankID test certificate to continue.

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